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About us

The family began to engage in viticulture and winemaking when the old grandfather Ivan Giovanni Radolović - Mateus planted the first vineyard in 1882. Poor young Ivan, the youngest tenth child of his father Martin, got married in the village named Buići and started buying land and building houses.


In a short time, he became one of the few Croatian landowners in the area of Poreč from that tme. The circumstances of his sudden wealth were never explained, but there was always speculation about the discovery of some treasure when cultivating the land near the Picugi necropolis. On the 62 ha of land that he has bought, he produced 300-350 hl of wine and 5-6 hl of oil per year. His land was coltivated by 17 servants that worked on his estate. Ivan Radolović, also a great fighter for the Croatian language from 1900 to 1905, managed through frequent correspondence with Vjekoslav Spinčić, a people's member of the Istrian Parliament, to encourage the Poreč government to open the first school in the Croatian language in Žbandaj. Due to a series of unfortunate events, the estate was divided and the heirs continued to engage in viticulture and winemaking only for personal needs.


Circle of Life - more than 100 years returns the story to the beginning.


Darko Kadum, whose mother, Nela, was Ivan Radolović's great-grandson and who inherited the rest of the estate, followed in his great-grandfather's footsteps. First, he planted an olive grove at the Vograda location. On Valentine's Day 2012, Darko planted his first vineyard on 2 ha at Kampanovo location with rich deep red soil. Darko, and since 2019 his son Ivan, continue to buy parts of the former estate and continue planting vineyards. Although the generations of the Radolović - Kadum family have stopped viticulture and winemaking over the past decades, this new beginning seems to have awakened a dormant desire for a better quality of life in harmony with nature. The plantations of the Kadum family are cultivated according to all standards of organic production, passionately, as old grandfather Ivan had imagined and worked. In 2019, the family farm was taken over by his son Ivan Kadum, who started producing top quality wines. Part of the Kadum winery is located in the house that old grandfather Ivan built in the village Buići near Poreč, which reminds us every day how important maintaining tradition is in starting this winemaking future of ours.

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